Marrakech wedding photographer

Niama & Niccolo - Villa Malika Silvana Wedding Photographer, Marrakech

Wedding one of the most beautiful situations in life, full of emotions, so touching and moving. But apart from this side connected with our feelings, there is also the other one connected with tradition, customs and all the entourage. This was our first time being a

Marrakech wedding photographer

For us Europeans any wedding ceremony from more exotic continents like Africa or Asia is an extraordinary experience. We were lucky enough to take part in this unique event which was Moroccan wedding thanks to the wedding planner Maroc Sensations. In fact, it had been one of our photographic dreams to take photos of an exotic wedding.

The wedding itself was a charming and magnificent event. Moroccan women wore proudly their kaftans, the bride and the groom were carried in a large chair called an Amariya and paraded around so that all the guests could see them and greet the happy couple, Moroccan musicians played their traditional instruments, Neggafates (three ladies) accompanied the bride at the wedding all the time making sure everything went smoothly and right, i.e. dress, make up, hair styling and many more bridal necessities and one more.

For us it was a magical celebration, once in a million, the atmosphere of unity, joy and love filled all this warm Moroccan air.

We did our best just to let you find yourself for a short time in this world full of magic.

Please, sit comfortably and let yourself be in that moment 💫



WEDDING PLANNER : Maroc Senssation  ●  VENUE : Villa Malika Silvana  ●  DJ : DJ JEREM