Bridal wedding session, Poland

Bridal Wedding session

Location: Palace Szczepowice  ●  Organization: Fabryka Marzeń  ●  Mua&hair: Barbara Woźniak  ●  Accessories: Capilli  ●  Decorations: ASA Wypożyczalnia Dekoracji  ●  Wedding Dress: Ochocka Atelier  ●  Model: Kornelia Kamińska

maxandjan fashion editorial shoots

Marrakech fashion editorial shoot with MAX & JAN

For us as destination wedding photographers, a wedding is always a special, unique and beautiful time. However, while in Marrakech, Morocco we had a great opportunity to try out our skills as fashion photographers. By courtesy of MAX & JAN Belgium and Moroccan designers we could use in this fashion editorial shoot their fantastic garmets. MAXandJAN create kaftans, tunics, kimonos and a whole range of accessories of modern styles with Moroccan prints and inspiration.

maxandjan fashion editorial shoot

We did our best to capture the beauty of those delicate and silky soft fabrics in their natural surroundings. We just hope that this photo shooting will tempt you to discover that collection with an Oriental touch more deeply, especially now that the summer and holidays are in progress. Enjoy!

Photo: JollyDay Photography
Preparation & Organization: Maroc Sensations & JollyDay Photography
Clothes: MAX & JAN, fashion and lifestyle concept store from Morocco
Location: Palmier Marrakesh
Models: Hind, Shemsy and Julie, Marrakesh

maxandjan fashion editorial shootmarrakech-max-jan-fashion-session_002marrakech-max-jan-fashion-session_003marrakech-max-jan-fashion-session_004maxandjan fashion editorial shoot maxandjan fashion editorial shootmarrakech-max-jan-fashion-session_007maxandjan fashion editorial shootsbags Max and Janmarrakech-max-jan-fashion-session_010marrakech-max-jan-fashion-session_011marrakech-max-jan-fashion-session_012 marrakech-max-jan-fashion-session_013maxandjan fashion editorial shootmaxandjan fashion editorial shootsMarrakech fashion editorial shootsmaxandjan fashion editorial shootsmarrakech-max-jan-fashion-session_018marrakech-max-jan-fashion-session_019maxandjan fashion editorial shootsmarrakech-max-jan-fashion-session_021 maxandjan fashion editorial shootsmaxandjan fashion editorial shootmarrakech-max-jan-fashion-session_024marrakech-max-jan-fashion-session_025marrakech-max-jan-fashion-session_026maxandjan fashion editorial shootsmaxandjan fashion editorial shootmarrakech-max-jan-fashion-session_029marrakech-max-jan-fashion-session_030maxandjan fashion editorial shootmaxandjan fashion editorial shoot

palais namaskar wedding photographer

Styled Bridal Session - Palais Namaskar, Marrakesh

Marrakech offers an incredible variety of stunning and luxurious hotels. They are a perfect spot not only for relaxation but also for different venues, e.g. weddings. Palais Namaskar is one of those gorgeous almost iconic places to organize unforgettable celebrations or events, its manager Zineb has a heart of gold, is a very friendly and such a warm person.

Namaskar Wedding

To take photos for our styled bridal session in this charming palace was a pure pleasure. The hotel’s architecture provided lovely scenery for us as destination wedding photographers. In conclusion, every single corner served our purpose. Therefore Palais Namaskar is for us wedding photographers a dream which partly has come true. Thank you Zineb!

Photographers: JollyDay Photography
Preparation & organization of the session: Maroc Sensations & JollyDay Photography
Venue: Palais Namaskar Exclusive Event & Luxury Wedding Venues in Morocco, Marrakesh
Wedding dress: Sylwia Kopczynska, Warsaw/Poland
Models: Julie and Charlotte, Marrakesh

Namaskar Wedding Namaskar Wedding VenueNamaskar Wedding VenueNamaskar Wedding Styled SessionNamaskar Wedding Session namaskar-wedding-luxury-events-venue-marrakesh-006namaskar-wedding-luxury-events-venue-marrakesh-007Namaskar Weddingnamaskar-wedding-luxury-events-venue-marrakesh-009Namaskar Wedding namaskar-wedding-luxury-events-venue-marrakesh-011Namaskar WeddingLuxury Hotel Palais Namaskar Wedding VenueNamaskar WeddingNamaskar WeddingNamaskar Weddingnamaskar-wedding-luxury-events-venue-marrakesh-017 Namaskar WeddingNamaskar WeddingChampagne Perrier Jouet Namaskar WeddingNamaskar WeddingLuxury Hotel Palais Namaskar Wedding VenueLuxury Hotel Palais Namaskar Wedding Venue Luxury Hotel Palais Namaskar Wedding VenuePalais Namaskar WeddingPalais Namaskar Wedding Luxury Hotel Palais Namaskar Wedding VenuePalais Namaskar WeddingPalais Namaskar Wedding Palais Namaskar WeddingNamaskar Weddingnamaskar-wedding-luxury-events-venue-marrakesh-033Namaskar Weddingnamaskar-wedding-luxury-events-venue-marrakesh-035Namaskar Weddingnamaskar-wedding-luxury-events-venue-marrakesh-037Namaskar WeddingNamaskar WeddingNamaskar WeddingNamaskar Wedding

Dar Ayniwen wedding session - Marrakech

It was a bit tricky to find that little paradise, but when we stood in front of the enormous gate door, it opened and we were welcomed with a beaming smile we knew it was that Dar (hotel) where  we were going to have our wedding session. This is a real oasis, with so much greenery, hundreds of birds giving stunning concerts, tortoises slowly marching on the grass and very friendly and helpful owner of this beautiful place and his friendly and helpful manager. We were so lucky to have our lovely couple Alice and Gabriel to be our bride and groom for the Dar Ayniwen wedding session.

Dar Ayniwen wedding session

Dar Ayniwen satisfied all our needs as for the variety of places to take wedding photos. As destination wedding photographers, we recommend this luxury hotel as a wedding venue, the staff is prepared to organize the whole wedding ceremony under the beautiful blue sky with sun rays trying to reach every single corner of this magical romantic place. Dar Ayniwen and its serene atmosphere was also appreciated by world famous stars like Monica Belluci or Karen Müllder.

Photographers: JollyDay Photography
Preparation & organization of the session: Marocco Wedding and JollyDay Photography
Venue: Dar Ayniwen Hotel, Marrakech
Wedding dres: Sylwia Kopczynska, Warsaw/Poland
Models: Alice and Gabriel from Le Riad Yasmine, Marrakech

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Styled session in Kaftans

Moroccan Caftans, Tigmiza Hotel Marrakech

Morocco is a fascinating country, so different from Europe. So many aspects make this place unique, ranging from food, architecture, landscape to clothes. Casual, formal and worn for special occasions outfits paint beautiful pictures in the Moroccan streets and are part of amazing architecture of riads or mosques.

For us as destination wedding photographers, wedding ceremonies are magnificent occasions to admire traditional outfits, still we are waiting to experience it in Moroccan culture, but a bit of foretaste we had in May while in Marrakech. Thanks to luxurious wedding planner Maroc Senssations we had the pleasure to compose some pictures consisting of Moroccan caftans, which are traditional clothes worn for example at the weddings, and beautiful Moroccan surrounding provided by luxurious Tigmiza Hotel. We felt truly privileged making use of Tigmiza Hotel’s hospitality and being able to photograph its charming interiors and fairy gardens.

Photographers: JollyDay Photography
Preparation & organization of the session: Maroc Senssations
Venue: Luxury Hotel Tigmiza, Marrakech
Moroccan Caftans Designer: Hind Bennis
Models: Hind, Shemsy and Julie

Tigmiza Hotel wedding photographers Marrakech Tigmiza Hotel wedding photographers Marrakech Luxury Wedding Venue Tigmiza MarrakechLuxury Wedding Venue Tigmiza MarrakechTigmiza-wedding-photographers-moroccan-caftans-marrakech-009Moroccan Caftansmoroccan caftan dress moroccan kaftan dress photographerLuxury Hotel Tigmiza wedding photographerStyled Moroccan Caftan sessionStyled Moroccan Caftan sessionStyled Moroccan Caftan sessionmoroccan caftan dress 2016moroccan caftan dress Tigmiza moroccan caftan dressStyled session in KaftansCaftan Styled session in Marrakechmoroccan caftan dress 2016moroccan caftan dress 2016moroccan caftan dress 2016 Morocco Kaftan sessionLuxury Hotel Tigmiza Moroccan detailsLuxury Hotel Tigmiza Marrakech moroccan caftans dress 2016moroccan caftan dress moroccan kaftan sessionmoroccan caftan dress 2016

marrakech bridal session

Marrakech Bridal Session

We were really looking forward to this Marrakech bridal session. In Europe the Autumn was in it’s peak form beautiful colors shining sun. Anyway, we decided to check the Moroccan surrounding for our bridal shooting session. For us as destination wedding photographers Marrakech seemed to be the perfect spot with it’s red architecture changing intensity of colors with the setting sun, with it’s contrasts and totally different culture than ours – just a magnificent challenge!

Marrakech bridal session

Here we met a reliable, trustworthy and very very kind person who organized that possibility to photograph this bridal session for us our Katia wedding planner from Morocco Wedding. Thanks to Katia, we could work with our beautiful model with typical Moroccan look who composed so smoothly  in the narrow streets of Medina – the heart of Marrakech – letting us show a bit of the uniqueness of that place. Marrakech really constitutes a fantastic background for weddings or elopement. We hope this photo session can inspire wedding couples to choose this magic red city for their wedding or  elopement.

If you are planning to get married, take elopement or honeymoon and you are looking for a destination photographer, please contact us!

Marrakech Bridal Session is featured on Mr & Mrs.

Photographer: JollyDay PhotographyPlanner & Designer: Marocco WeddingVenue: Les Sources BerbèresFlorist: Yassab Floral DesignDress: Miss GuidedModel: MounaShoes: Zara