In our private life we are best friends and a happy family with Nell (our lovely queenie mini) and Basil (the other of divine creatures), three furry, cuddly doggies and three bamboo cats that are most eager to play in our bedroom at 5 am almost everyday. Anyway, we love our little pieces of Nature. We are vegetarians who love traveling to see beautiful places and meet new people. Every trip we take around the world if it is Italy, Morocco, Thailand or Malaysia let us broaden our creativity and skills. Photography is a part of our life. In life we follow our hearts and always look for joy, beauty and love. In our images we want those values to be present. We hope you can feel it, too.

We adore trying new tastes of vegetarian cuisine of course and we are coffee lovers and music explorers especially Jakob with his Spotify, Agnes is nuts about great law of attraction and is a follower of such great teachers like Osho, Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor and Cesar Milan.

One of our favourite moments is a sunny lazy summer morning when we drink our coffee, have a piece of home made plum or apple tart, sitting on our veranda surrounded by colourful flowers, lavender and other greenery watching our dogs being frolic and playful, one of our cats sneaking in the grass and Nelly asking us some strangely curious questions like an almost six – year-old can and Bazi the ten-year – old commenting everything because he is almost a grown-up. We love such moments! They are perfect to charge our batteries and then we are ready to celebrate life by exploring, experiencing and looking for joy, beauty and love in other magnificent places.


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