Marrakech offers an incredible variety of stunning and luxurious hotels. They are a perfect spot not only for relaxation but also for different venues, e.g. weddings. Palais Namaskar is one of those gorgeous almost iconic places to organize unforgettable celebrations or events, its manager Zineb has a heart of gold, is a very friendly and such a warm person.

Namaskar Wedding

To take photos for our styled bridal session in this charming palace was a pure pleasure. The hotel’s architecture provided lovely scenery for us as destination wedding photographers. In conclusion, every single corner served our purpose. Therefore Palais Namaskar is for us wedding photographers a dream which partly has come true. Thank you Zineb!

Photographers: JollyDay Photography
Preparation & organization of the session: Maroc Sensations & JollyDay Photography
Venue: Palais Namaskar Exclusive Event & Luxury Wedding Venues in Morocco, Marrakesh
Wedding dress: Sylwia Kopczynska, Warsaw/Poland
Models: Julie and Charlotte, Marrakesh

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